logistics-852936_1920 By now, you probably have a good idea of what package testing is. But that begs the question, when should you have package testing done? Well, there are three times throughout a product lifecycle that package testing is recommended. Spoiler alert, it is encouraged at any stage. But the big three points to consider package testing are development, when regulations require it, and when you are looking to either become more environmentally friendly or reduce costs.

Development: Package testing can be particularly useful during product development. When you are developing a packaging for a specific product it can be very helpful to have package testing done early on. This will allow you time to redesign the packaging if it fails the tests or proves to not protect the product. Let’s use hypothetical company x as an example. Company x develops a new type of laptop. Obviously, this type of product would need protection throughout transportation. Company x designs a very protective, yet costly package. The package includes Styrofoam, cardboard, and bubble wrap. The company has package testing done and finds that their well designed package held up and protected the laptop during the simulated transportation. However, company x wants to cut down on the cost of packaging and make their package more environmentally friendly in the process. They redesign the package and this time only have Styrofoam and recycled cardboard. This package also passes the package testing protocol. By employing package testing as a development tool, company x was able to reduce the waste of their package (the bubble wrap) and spend less on packaging.

Regulations: Regulations sometimes dictate when you have to have package testing done. For example, Amazon made their package testing requirements official on August 1, 2019. Failure to comply with the regulations could result in a $1.99 per unit chargeback. This can amount to a large expense for the company. This penalty encourages compliance. In general, it is a smart business decision to be in compliance so regardless of the penalty, you should have package testing done.

Environmentally Friendly/Reduce Costs: These are two benefits that are often associated with package testing. As with the company x example, a company has the ability to reduce package waste which will result in more environmentally friendly and cheaper packaging. Package testing also reduces costs in other ways. If you find that you are losing a lot of money due to shipping damage and return/replacement costs, then package testing could be your solution. Package testing will ensure that your product reaches the customer in tact and ready for use. This will cut down on returns due to product damage and your costs associate with those returns.

The reality is, package testing is always a good idea. Keystone Package Testing takes pride in our ability to be of assistance to companies in any of these situations. We pride ourselves on providing great service, quality testing, and internationally accepted reports. If you would like to learn more or consult with one of our package testing technicians, contact us today!