Amazon Ships In Own Container (SIOC)

ISTA is considered Tier 2 in Amazon’s packaging certification tiers. Amazon SIOC meaning Ships In Own Container. Amazon’s SIOC guidelines ensure a product can survive normal transportation hazards. Amazon partnered with ISTA to address specific hazards within the amazon distribution channel. These hazards can occur while loading, transporting or handling of the products. There are eight individual standards for the SIOC Ships In Own Container packages. The standards are based on weight, size and delivery method. More information on these standards is included below.

Amazon SIOC certification test provides many benefits to vendors. These benefits include the reduction and possible removal of Amazon prep chargeback fees. Amazon’s SIOC program also provides an opportunity to reduce packaging costs and inbound transportation costs. Products that meet the SIOC package, meaning Ships-In-Own-Container, requirements are ISTA 6 Amazon SIOC compliant. ISTA is the International Safe Transit Association, who is the governing body for most package testing standards.

ISTA package testing for amazon is known as Amazon ISTA 6 testing and can include amazon drop tests, inclined impact tests, and vibration tests. SIOC packages require no Amazon prep and can be shipped without an Overbox. An overbox is just a larger Amazon box. The other standards are Amazon FFP (frustration free packaging) and Amazon OB (overboxing).

Packaging requirements for Amazon’s SIOC program are as followed: Packaging must be a rigid six-sided shape box. The package must be free from windows or cutouts. Some small access holes or hand holes are acceptable. Padded mailers and rigid envelopes may be used. These envelopes must meet the 9” x 6” x 0.375” minimum size requirement. Even though envelopes are permitted, 6-sided boxes are often preferable.

Below is a list of the product test type categories with links to the specific Amazon SIOC testing scopes:

  • Type A (ISTA 6A) is for parcel delivery of individual packaged-products less than 50 lb. (23 kg).
  • Type B is for parcel delivery of individual packaged-products 50 lb. (23 kg) to less than 100 lb. (43 kg).
  • Type C is for parcel delivery packaged-products 100 lb. (43 kg) or greater.
  • Type D is for LTL delivery of individual packaged-products less than 100 lb. (43 kg).
  • Type E is for LTL delivery of individual packaged-products 100 lb. (43 kg) or greater.
  • Type F is for LTL delivery of individual palletized packaged-products.
  • Type G is for parcel delivery of individual packaged TVs and monitors that are less than 150 pounds (68 kg) & have a girth equal to or less than 165” (4.19 m)
  • Type H is for LTL delivery of individual packaged TVs and monitors that are 150 pounds (68 kg) or greater or have a girth greater than 165” (4.19 m)

Each test standard has its own set of test blocks to meet the Amazon SIOC requirements. The transit testing that a package must undergo to obtain ISTA 6 certification can include preconditioning, drop testing, impact testing and compression testing. The drop testing can include free fall dropdrops onto hazards and various rotational drops.

The impact testing can include inclined impactconcentrated edge impact and bridge impact. The compression testing can include both vertical compression and horizontal compression.

It should be noted that most of the product test types require one product sample to be tested. If the product is deemed to be fragile, five samples are required.

For SIOC packaging, Amazon defines fragile items as items that could easily break or could leak during the distribution process. Common examples of fragile items include glass, ceramic, porcelain and clay. Liquids are defined as liquids, semi-liquids and solids that can become liquid at temperatures above 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It should be noted that televisions and monitors are not considered fragile for testing purposes. However, these items have additional testing requirements. When multiple identical samples are tested, all samples must pass all tests.

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