Forklift Handling Test

The forklift Simulation/Handling test, per Amazon Ships In Own Container (SIOC) testing, is completed using a forklift with sufficient capacity to handle the test specimens and comply with ASTM D6055 or ISO 10531. The first half of the test (flat push and rotate) is performed by placing the palletized product on a level floor and aligning a single fork truck blade tip with the middle pallet/skid stringer or block. The pallet is pushed straight forward for 40 inches in approximately two to three seconds. The pallet is then rotated 90 degrees from its original orientation using the forklift blade to push against a corner to rotate it and tested repeatedly per the specifications in the standard.

To perform the second half of the forklift test (elevated push and pull test), the fork blades are placed in the pallet to a depth sufficient to lift one edge of the pallet four inches off the floor. The pallet is then pushed 40 inches in approximately two to three seconds and lowered to the floor. The pallet is lifted four inches once more and pulled back to its original position. This test is repeated for all possible directions of entry of the pallet.

Below is an animation showing the ISTA Test Block 11 forklift simulation testing:




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The only package type associated with the Amazon Forklift test is Type F: LTL delivery of individual palletized packaged-products.

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