Inclined Impact Test 

This testing can be performed using either a horizontal impact tester or an inclined impact tester.  Both tests use a carriage that propels the test sample down a rail and into a backstop. The inclined impact tester does this with gravity while the Horizontal impact tester is powered by air or other suitable means.  The equipment used must be in compliance with ASTM D880, ASTM D4003 or ISO 2244. To perform either test, the product must be centered in the proper orientation on the carriage of the impact slide, with the front surface of the product in contact with the animation showing the ISTA Test Block 8 and Test Block 20 inclined impact testing: 

As an Amazon APASS approved and ISTA accredited package testing lab, Keystone Package Testing can meet all of your Amazon package testing needs including horizontal/Inclined impact testing. Let’s work together to get your product packaging approved to the Amazon SIOC requirements. 

Package types associated with the Amazon Horizontal/Inclined Impact test: 

  • Type C: Parcel delivery packaged-products 100 lb. (43 kg) or greater. 
  • Type E: LTL delivery of individual packaged-products 100 lb. (43 kg) or greater. 
  • Type F: LTL delivery of individual palletized packaged-products. 
  • Type H: LTL delivery of individual packaged TVs and monitors that are 150 pounds (68 kg) or greater or have a girth greater than 165” (4.19 m) 

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