ISTA 6 Boxing

ISTA Boxing was created by and ISTA to meet the requirements for products placed in a master shipping box. This standard was written to test for e-commerce fulfillment for individual retail packaged-product weighing 70 pounds or less. It is common for to place these items into a larger shipping container either by itself with dunnage (air pillows or Kraft paper) or with other individual retail packaged-products and then cushioned with dunnage.

ISTA Boxing challenges the products and its packaging to determine its ability to withstand the general damage-producing environment such as motions, forces and conditions of this transportation.

E-commerce fulfillment is any packaged-product configuration where the retail individual packaged-product is not intended to ship in its own shipping container. Single or multiple packages may be placed in a corrugated shipping container (over-box) with dunnage in preparation for shipment to end consumer.

The purpose of Over-Box testing is to evaluate the protective performance of packaging for goods. The package will undergo testing related to vibrations, shocks, and other stresses that packages normally encounter throughout transportation to the customer. During testing, the product will be inside the package and they are considered one unit together. Not all shipping conditions that a package may encounter will be tested with Over-Boxing. For example, this does not test for any irregular handling.

It is important to note that successful completion of this test is not necessarily a certification substitute for all hazardous material (dangerous goods) packaging standards. Be sure to check international, national, or other regulatory requirements as this test can be used in conjunction with, but not in place of, those regulations.

This is a pass/fail test. Pass/fail standards will be determined prior to testing by the shipper, manufacturer,, and other stakeholders. They must determine the following:

    1. What constitutes damage to the product
    2. What damage tolerance level, if any, is allowable
    3. The correct methodology to determine product condition at the end of testing
    4. The acceptable package condition at the end of testing

However, in order to pass, packaging MUST meet the following acceptance criteria. Failing to meet the below acceptance criteria will result in a failed test.

    1. Product is fully functional in its intended use
    2. No leaks
    3. Any tamer evident application is not compromised, seal integrity is intact
    4. Any secondary packaging that is considered part of the product is free from serious damage/indentations/scratching

Note: hazard products, dunnage, or tertiary packaging are not considered in the acceptance criteria.

Sample Requirements:

Amazon Overbox Sample Requirements

Fragile items include but are not limited to glass, ceramics, porcelains, clay, electronics, and liquids.

When sending a package to Keystone for testing, reference the How to Submit a Sample page. The package will need to be shipped in an extra over-box or assembled at the lab so that the test can be conducted on a perfect sample that has not been pre-disposed to damage throughout shipment. Keystone test engineers are well versed in these regulations and will walk alongside customers to ensure full compliance.

As an ISTA-certified package testing lab, Keystone Package Testing can meet your transit testing needs, including ISTA Boxing. By providing quick turnarounds, competitive pricing and engineering assistance, Keystone Package Testing has become a leader in the package test lab industry. Receiving a quote to complete Boxing testing is as easy as completing our online quote form or calling us at (724) 698-2994.

Overview of 6-AMAZON.COM-Over Boxing

Sequence Number Test Category Test Type Test Level For ISTA Certification
1 Atmospheric Preconditioning
Temperature and Humidity Ambient Required
2 Atmospheric Conditioning
Controlled Temperature and Humidity Temperature and Humidity chosen from chart Optional
3 Shock
Drop 9 Drops Required
4 Vibration
Random Overall Grms levels of 0.53 Required
5 Shock
Drop 8 Drops Required
6 Integrity
Leak Test 8 hours Required for Liquids ONLY