ISTA 6 Type G

Amazon Type G is for individually packaged TV’s and monitors that are less than 150 pounds (68 kg) with a girth less than 165 inches (4.19 m). The shipping method for these products is parcel delivery and uses the standard handling method. The standard handling method, also referenced as floor loaded, is for individual packaged-products that are received at an Fulfillment Center with no pallet or with multiple packaged products on a single pallet and are intended to ship to the end consumer without a pallet. Type G products qualify for SIOC status and are tested based on the ISTA 6 SIOC Type G test sequence outlined below. It is important to keep in mind that TVs and monitors are considered non-fragile products thus only one sample is used for testing. 

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Type G – Parcel Delivery of Individual Packaged TV/Monitor Less Than 150 pounds (68 kg) AND Girth Less Than 165 inches (4.19 m) 

Sequence Number Test Category Test Type Test Level Remarks 
1 Atmospheric Preconditioning TEST BLOCK 1 Temperature and Humidity Lab ambient, 12 hours Required 
2 Atmospheric Conditioning TEST BLOCK 1 Controlled Temperature and Humidity Temperature and humidity chosen from table Optional 
3 Shock TEST BLOCK 2 Free-Fall Drop 9 Drops – height varies with packaged-product weight Required- Do not catch packaged items 
4 Compression, Horizontal TEST BLOCK 9 Clamping Simulation Calculated from formula Clamp in multiple orientations as directed Required for any of the 2 axes with a width dimension >24 inches (610mm) and <75 inches (1905mm) 
5 Compression, Vertical TEST BLOCK 10 Test in the intended shipping orientation Calculated from formula maintain force for 1 hour Required, Machine, or weights and load spreader 
6 Vibration TEST BLOCK 12 Random with or without top load Overall Grms levels of 0.53 and 0.46 Required 
7 Shock TEST BLOCK 20 Inclined or Horizontal Impact 48 in/sec (4 ft/sec) (1.2 m/sec) impact velocity or velocity change Required for packages =>100 pounds (45 kg) 
8 Shock Test block 15 Free-Fall Drop 8 Drops – height varies with packaged-product weight. Includes drop on hazard. Required- Do not catch packaged item. 
9 Shock TEST BLOCK 24 Concentrated Edge Impact Hazard Box dropped 16 inches (400 mm) Required- Hazard box to be dropped on the screen side 


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