Keystone Package Testing APASS Advantages 

Partnering with Keystone Package Testing to certify your products has many advantages.  

#1: Certification with Other Retailers: By working with Keystone Package Testing you will receive a test report and documentation that can potentially be used to certify your products with other retailers. Keystone Package Testing will certify you for Amazon SIOC and OB.Once you are certified with us, your certification will be recognized globally.

#2: Quick Turnaround Time on Testing Reports: With a team of test engineers and dedicated report writers, we can schedule testing on short lead times while providing expedited reports shortly after testing has been completed. We value your time and work hard to meet your deadlines. As soon as we receive your samples we being testing. We have one of the fastest turn around times in the industry. 

#3: Reduced Cost: We have made a significant investment in automation that streamlines our testing process, allowing us to keep testing and reporting costs low. Our prices are straightforward and competitive. We do not have hidden fees or over-test.

#4: International Accreditation: Keystone Package Testing is an ISTA-accredited lab and is included on’s APASS network as an approved test lab. These accreditations allow Keystone Package Testing’s reports to be recognized and accepted globally. 

#5: Industry Leading Equipment: Our new facility is helping make it possible to set some of the fasted turnaround times in the industry. We have multiple machines so we can run tests simultaneously. Our equipment is well maintained and operated to ensure the most accurate testing. 

#6: Industry Knowledge: Our team of engineers has a thorough understanding of the package testing requirements. When challenges arise with a product’s packaging, we provide potential solutions to help address the problems. We stay up to date on Amazon’t most recent exemptions to make sure that you are getting what’s right for you.

#7: Confidentiality: We know that privacy is an important element of maintaining your competitive edge. We don’t publish the companies that we work with. You can be sure that your privacy is a priority.  

#8: Reporting: We will provide you with a comprehensive report after your testing is completed. We provide you with the report that must be submitted to Amazon to receive their certification. Our reports are also globally accepted.

#7: No Over-testing: We do not over-test. At many other laboratories, you may end up paying for more testing than you need. Some labs just take the quote and begin testing without considering the many exemptions that exist for ASINs. Our testing engineers look at each and every quote to make sure that they can find any exemptions that you are eligible for.

Keystone Package Testing is quickly becoming an industry leader in Amazon package testing. Our facility, testing accuracy, reporting, and communication set us apart from other labs. Our testing engineers are well versed in the many aspects of testing. We help our customers take advantage of the test exemptions and experience the benefits of package testing. Want to learn firsthand why so many companies trust Keystone Package Testing to complete their package testing? Let’s get started!