Leak Test

The leak test, per Amazon Ships In Own Container (SIOC) testing, is performed by removing all primary packages that contain liquids after all other testing has been completed. These packages are placed on a flat surface for eight hours and then inspected to determine if any liquid has leaked from the packages. It should be noted that all five test samples must be leak free to be considered a pass. In the test categories, leak testing is considered an integrity test. 

As an Amazon APASS approved and ISTA accredited package testing lab, Keystone Package Testing can meet all of your Amazon package testing needs including leak testing. Let’s work together to get your product packaging approved to the Amazon SIOC requirements. 

Package types associated with the Amazon Bridge Leak test: 

  • Type A: Parcel delivery of individual packaged-products less than 50 lb. (23 kg). 
  • Type B: Parcel delivery of individual packaged-products 50 lb. (23 kg) to less than 100 lb. (43 kg). 

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