As an ISTA-certified package test lab included on Amazon’s APASS network, Keystone Compliance is very familiar with the test requirements of Amazon’s Vendor Package Certification Process. We test a lot of packages on a daily basis and have assembled some tips to help Amazon vendors sell plush items with the least amount of damage, while complying with the requirements of Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon product packaging guidelines. The information below is a brief overview of some best practices. Please consult for a full list of their packaging requirements for plush products.

Things to do:

  • Make sure the entire plush product is sealed, with no exposed surfaces, to prevent damage.
  • Place plush products in transparent sealed bags or shrink wrap (minimum of 1.5 mil.) clearly marked with a suffocation warning label.
  • Use the permitted packaging materials of labels and poly bags.


Things not to do:

  • Have boxed or bagged items without the barcode prominently displayed.
  • Have portions of the product exposed to dirt, dust or damage.
  • Use a bag or shrink wrap that is three inches larger than the dimensions of the product.
  • Use poly bags that are not transparent.


Keystone Compliance provides vendors with the testing to certify their products to receive the benefits of Amazon’s Packaging Certification Tiers. With significant package testing knowledge, globally-recognized accreditation, short lead times and affordable prices, Keystone Compliance is the best Amazon package testing partner. Let’s get started!