As an ISTA-certified package test lab included on Amazon’s APASS network, Keystone Package Testing is very familiar with the test requirements of Amazon’s Vendor Package Certification Process. We test a lot of packages on a daily basis and have assembled some tips to help Amazon vendors sell products with sharp or pointed edges with the least amount of damage, while complying with the requirements of Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon product packaging guidelines. The information below is a brief overview of some best practices. Please consult for a full list of their packaging requirements for sharp products.

Things to do:

  • Ensure that the product cannot cut through the packaging.
  • Make sure the packaging completely covers the sharp object.
  • Package the items such that the sharp or pointed edge does not become exposed during receipt, stocking, shipment preparation or shipments to the customer.
  • Secure the sharp product to a footprint with a plastic fastener or similar restraint and wrap the product in plastic if possible.
  • Use permitted packaging materials such as boxes, dunnage and labels.
  • When possible, use blister packs. The blister pack must cover the sharp edge and be securely fastened to the product so that the product does not slide around within the blister pack.

Things not to do:

  • Pack sharp products with cardboard or plastic sheaths alone unless the sheath is of a rigid, durable plastic and secured to the product.
  • Package sharp products in unsafe molded footprints with plastic covering.

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