Rotational Edge Drop Test 

The rotational edge drop test, per Amazon Ships In Own Container (SIOC) testing, is completed using a measuring device, a support block and a flat rigid surface such as concrete or steel. The support block is 3.5 to 4.0 inches in height and width and at least eight inches longer than the longest package dimension to be supported. To perform the test, one of the edges of the product is placed on the support block. The opposite edge is lifted nine inches and then released quickly to allow it to free fall to the ground. The test standard calls for multiple drops of the product on certain sides. If the product, while in a particular orientation, topples over before a side or edge can be lifted to the required support or drop height, then the rotational drop edge test is not possible. The Amazon SIOC test standard testing considers this test a shock test. 

Below is an animation showing the ISTA Test Block 5,Test Block 18 and Test Block 21 rotational edge drop testing:

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Package types associated with the Amazon Rotational Edge Drop test: 

  • Type A: Parcel delivery of individual packaged-products less than 50 lb. (23 kg). 
  • Type B: Parcel delivery of individual packaged-products 50 lb. (23 kg) to less than 100 lb. (43 kg). 
  • Type C: Parcel delivery packaged-products 100 lb. (43 kg) or greater. 
  • Type E: LTL delivery of individual packaged-products 100 lb. (43 kg) or greater. 
  • Type F: LTL delivery of individual palletized packaged-products. 
  • Type H: LTL delivery of individual packaged TVs and monitors that are 150 pounds (68 kg) or greater or have a girth greater than 165” (4.19 m) 

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